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What is the Difference Between Loss Assessors & Loss Adjusters?

What is the Difference Between Loss Assessors & Loss Adjusters?

If you own a property and it has suffered from extensive damage and you are insured your insurance company will appoint one of their loss adjusters. Alternatively, dependent on the size of the claim, the policy holder may decide to get a second opinion and hire a loss assessor or even a public loss adjuster.

So, what is the difference between loss adjusters and loss assessors?

What Does a Loss Adjuster Do?

Do you need help managing your property claim?Loss adjusters are generally appointed by insurers to manage the claim on their behalf through the perspective of the company. First of all, a loss adjuster must visit your property to establish the cause of the damage. Most large property damage claims are caused by either a fire, flood or substantial water leak.

The loss adjuster will then decide if the damage is covered by the insurance policy. Within any insurance policy there can be many clauses. Whenever you take out an insurance policy it is recommended to read through the small print to establish exactly what you are or are not covered for. Loss adjuster will also report back to the insurer to let them know if they feel it is a legitimate or fraudulent claim.

Within the terms of your insurance policy, the loss adjuster will then start to make recommendations to your insurer regarding their liabilities. If you have a dispute, it is up to you to prove to the insurer that you are entitled to a larger settlement than what the loss adjuster recommends.

Many people feel that loss adjusters are working in the best interest of the insurer, rather than the policy holder. In this scenario may property owners will then turn to either a loss assessor or a public loss adjuster. By doing this they are reassured by the fact that they have someone who is working on their behalf putting their need first.

What does a Loss Assessor or Public Loss Adjusters Do?

What is the difference between loss adjusters and loss assessors?Appointed by the policy holder, a loss assessor will give an alternative view of the claim from an independent point of view. When it comes to the policy terms and conditions a loss assessor will be an expert in negotiating with the insurer.

Many insurers will have fixed book prices for certain aspects of the claim. In some cases, this may not be enough to cover any repairs an acceptable standard. Loss assessors have the experience to evaluate the loss to a realistic and manageable amount.

By dealing with insurance companies on a daily basis, they will know inside and out how a claims department works. Unlike a loss adjuster who works on behalf of the insurer, loss assessors will manage the whole process acting entirely on behalf of the policy holder.

Loss assessors are not there to help you receive more than you are fully entitled to. They are there to ensure that you receive as much as they can within the rules of your insurance policy. In many cases loss assessors can put pressure on your insurer to settle the claims more quickly or even negotiate interim payments whilst the claim is being settled.

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Do I Just Allow My Insurer to Manage the Claim?

Well that is entirely up to your preference. Although you should know that you do have the right for your claim to be assessed independently. There is nothing wrong with obtaining a second opinion from somebody who is independent and not connected to your insurance company in any way.

Once appointed, a loss assessor or public loss adjuster can manage all dealings and negotiations with your insurance company. By doing this, there are no awkward moments to deal with between yourself and your insurer.… Read the rest

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