Who Are MMS Contractors Network?

MMS Contracting Network is a collection of fully trained experienced fire restoration specialists. However, MMS do not just deal with fire restoration. MMS has experience in a range of events from theft damage, flood, impact and storm damage.


They manage the reinstatement process of your property. MMS Contracting Network is connected to all areas of the UK. This enables them to potentially be at any property in the UK within 4 hours.

ICN manages your entire restoration process

MMS manages your entire restoration process

MMS Contracting Network offer free repair quotes on your property. This may be useful if your insurance company

asks you to collect two repair quotes before a claim can be processed. MMS Contracting network has vast experience with fire damage, water damage, theft damages as well as a range of other areas related to property reinstatement.

Due to MMS’s vast knowledge and experience with repairs they should be your first call for fire restoration, flood restoration or any other property restoration you require. MMS can assess a damaged property accurately and reliable to ensure you receive your full claim.

Free Repair Quotes

MMS offers Free Repair quotes during the insurance claims process. The experience of each of their contractors allows them to craft an accurate quote quickly. These free estimates can be provided potentially within 8 hours of first inspection.

Repair quotes include all the elements of your property that will need repairs. This full list of items is then costed giving both individual and overall prices for all elements of restoration.

Realistic repair estimates are provided to ensure that you, the policy holder, receive your full entitlement to reconstruct your damaged property to its original state.

Fire Restoration

They have all the necessary skills and funds to create a full reinstatement schedule, so you have a clear idea of the scale of the repairs as well as a very accurate estimate of the completion date.

Fire Restoration work is completed to the highest standard possible within the scope

Professional Standard Fire Restoration Work

All contractors within MMS are fully insured and reliably supported to ensure that your property restoration process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

MMS also provides a single management base for all areas of the reconstruction. All restoration work including fire restoration is completed professionally and efficiently.

MMS manages contractor validation, completion certificates, insurance compliance, complaint procedures as well as most importantly the reconstruction of the property. All of these features are offered to ensure you, the policy holder, can relax and simply await complete restoration of your property.

Get in Touch Today

Because of their expertise, knowledge and experience in property restoration you can trust the Independent Contractor Network to be professional and efficient. To contact MMS you can call any time 24/7 at 08000 434 999 to speak to a restoration expert. Alternatively you can visit https://www.mmscontracting.co.uk for more information on all their restoration services.